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Night Walker Leopard Fringe Vintage Windbreaker

Check out our retro windbreaker selection for the very best in unique windbreakers for the true 80s and 90s vintage lovers. These take me back to the 80s and 90s when MTV was our main source for new music.  This is a stunning animal print with fringe detail in a v-line down the front and across the back. Pair this with your favorite jeans for a retro outfit and you will certainly be the one and only rocking it.

  • Size label: None
  • Brand: FUDA
  • Fits Xs-Medium (depending on your desired style)
  • Sleeve length: 24"
  • Print Material: 100% Silk
  • Length: 24"
  • Pocket: 2
  • Zipper up to a mock turtle neck
  • Elastic waist and sleeves
  • Era: 1980s - 1990s