Hala Hand Woven Lauhala Vintage Cuff

Throughout Polynesia, the lauhala (Pandandus) tree has been one of the most useful and important plants to the people of the islands. Each woven lauhala bracelet is handmade by local artisans and one of a kind. These bracelets are a rare beauty and pair well with earthy bohemian looks. 

My note: All vintage pieces are in Excellent Vintage condition unless otherwise noted. If it is not in Excellent Condition it will be priced accordingly. Keep in mind it’s normal for vintage pieces to have an aged weathered look, depending on the item, which adds to its charm and story. “Excellent” by my definition is passing my 5 Point Inspection of no:

  • chips
  • rips
  • stains
  • broken pieces
  • mold

I personally hand pick pieces from all over the world selecting items I personally love and often find challenging to let go of. Priced according to condition and how rare or unique the item it is. Most often vintage pieces have become one of a kind or very few remaining worldwide in Excellent Condition. Vintage prior to the 80s is often well made with quality materials that can withstand the test of times.